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Our Approach

Today, in our small firm, Farm Benedict Sugihara, we provide our clients with big-firm expertise that is guided by our values.  Those values influence how we handle lawsuits and legal disputes.  We analyze a case at the outset to determine whether early resolution makes sense, and if not, we drive the case forward by efficiently navigating it towards a resolution that we and our clients collaboratively determine to be the best outcome.

Our Commitment

Hawaii is our home; the law is our profession.  Our roots in both run deep.  We are committed to both, and volunteer our time and energy to making a difference in Hawaii and the legal community.  We invest in causes and things that matter to us individually.  When you become our client, and partner and collaborate with us, you will understand: we live full lives, which in turn makes us more effective as trial lawyers.

Our Diversity

Hawaii is unique and diverse.  So are we.  It's in our firm DNA.  We mirror Hawaii, with its many ethnicities and cultures: Hawaiian, English, Chinese, Japanese, and Irish; native and transplant; public-school and private-school educated; and straight and gay.  Our different perspectives complement each other, and make us more effective in everything we do.  

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